Author Topic: Shared Folders view - Linkstation live LS-CH1.0TL (Firmware 1.07)  (Read 3441 times)


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I have a 1TB Linkstation Live LS-CH1.0TL with Firmware 1.07


There are two default folders(shares) shown in "Shared Folders" menu.

One is "share" and under column Disk or Array it mentioned that it belongs to "disk1"

Other is "Info" but it is empty under the column Disk or Array.

Now when I try to create a new shared folder by pressing "add" button a new page opens and details regarding new share has to be filled in there. On that page the third field to be filled/selected is "Volume" and there is dropdown box in front of it. But that dropdown box list(list is shown as empty when clicking on arrow on right side of dropbox) is empty and according to my understading that dropdown box should contain all available Disks or Arrays and this case should contain "disk1" as an option, but it does not.


Even when there was empty combo box for the "Volume" option I went further creating a folder "Movies" to see what happens. The result is that is did create a shared folder "Movies" which I can also see in other computers on the same network. But but it is empty under the column Disk or Array for this "Movies" folder just like it is for "Info" folder.


1)So first question is how is it with you guys?


2)Do also have empty combo drop down box when creating new shared folders?


3)When you create a new shared folder do you see "disk1" under "Disk or Array" column in the Shared folders menu for that particulr folder?


4)Is it going to give me any problems(like lost files/folders) in future if I continue to use is like that?


Thanks for your replies.