Author Topic: Any way of backing up large files without having to reformat hard drive and lose all data?  (Read 1792 times)


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Hi guys,


I'm new to backing up so please go easy on me. I bought a Buffalo 1TB external hard drive (HD-CE1.OTU2-EU) and like some other people on previous forums ran into the same problem where the disk says it's full when there is still over 800GB available. From searching these forums I have seen that a way round this is to reformat the drive double checking it is set to NTFS. However, it also says when doing this, it will DELETE all files you already have on it.




- Is there any way I can copy files bigger than 4GB without having to delete all my current data?

- If reformatted, is it then guaranteed I can copy over larger files? Or may I run into a similar problem e.g. if I want to copy a 10GB file in the future?

- FYI, I have already right clicked on the properties of the drive, and ostensibly it looks like it already is NTFS format


Thanks for your help,




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If it's in NTFS you shouldn't have problems with transfers over 4 GB.  That is a limitation of Fat 32 (the default filesystem it comes with).  Yes, reformatting will make you lose your data thats on the drive.  Just be sure to pull it off first!