Author Topic: Fan Problem on LinkStation Live HS-DH500GL  (Read 5702 times)


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Fan Problem on LinkStation Live HS-DH500GL
« on: April 27, 2009, 12:40:48 pm »

After approx. 1/2 year without any problems a fan problem occured.


While or short after booting the LSL shut down gives error beeps and the error LED shows the  4 pattern flash code (Fan problem).


I opened the LS and found out that the fan itself is in good condition but I could not measure any voltage between the black and red cable socket (measured without fan connected).

But between the yellow and the red socket (as well as between yerllow and black) I measured arround 3,3 Volts (positive phase on yellow).



In case of overheating without the fan running I had to strip down the complete LSL and run it on the table with a standalone fan to get my data down from the HDD.


Was anybody of you faced with a similar problem in the past?

Is the board defective indeed or might there be another solution?


I have the actual firmware 2.10 installed.


I fear that they would reject any warranty claim because I stripped down the whole LSL to get my data not lost and to erase data safely for sending the LSL back to Buffalo.


All your comments are appreciated.


Kind regards



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Re: Fan Problem on LinkStation Live HS-DH500GL
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2009, 02:11:36 pm »
Try performing an EM boot and then force updating the firmware. After doing so perform an initialization by going into the Web Admin->Maintenance->Initialization->Restore (to factory defaults) and post back the results. If the issue persists an RMA might still be possible, however RMA and warranty differ from country to country.


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Re: Fan Problem on LinkStation Live HS-DH500GL
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2009, 12:06:34 pm »

Dear Dustrega,


I was very busy on work the whole May so I had only today the opportunity to check out your proposed solution.


What I did:

I chose the "big" solution:


- Stripping down the LSL to nuts and bits.

- Connecting the disk by using a USB-Bridge to my notebook.

- Booting my notebook with a live Linux (Knoppix) from a DVD.

- So I got access to all folders on the LSL's disk and I could save all data.

  This might be a hint to access the data besides consulting a 3rd party professional.


- Low level formatting the complete disk to take care that all potentially inaccurate firmware

  code and maybe a potentially faulty boot sector would be removed.

- Preparing my notebook for a TFTP boot and connecting the LSL directly to my notebook's

  LAN port.

- Performing a TFTP boot according your FAQ 3.

- Preparing the firmware update according your FAQ 2.

  Against your FAQ 2 I also checked the checkboxes 'Rebuild partition table' and

  'Delete user-config'.

- First time the LSL broke down with the well-known fan error.

- Second time I used a hair blower (my wife has one where one could switch off the heating

  function) for cooling the board to avoid a fan error a second time.

- After arround 10 minutes and after several automatic reboots the firmware updater showed



  This procedure might be also the right one for changing the hard disk to a new one.


Now I reassembled the LSL, reconfigured it and I agonized it with copying the safed data back.

What shall I say?

After arround 5 minutes a hurricane started running threw my office ;-).

It came from the LSL's fan!


No it was no hurricane - one could not hear it. One could only detect it by beaming the fan with a torch light.


The only thing I must critisize is that the power supply has no composition resistors installed for eliminating the charge of the capacitors and the inductivity of the inductors.

I swear, the LSL was disconnected from the outlet jack more than 12 hours but touching (while stripping down the LSL) the power supply although forced me perorming a very funny dance in my office.


Nevertheless I'm glad because no it works very well again - hopefully for a long long time!

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Re: Fan Problem on LinkStation Live HS-DH500GL
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2009, 10:28:15 am »



Can you please tell us what commands you used in Linux to access the shared folder? I am on os x and can see the disk1s1 - 5 but not sure how to access them.