Author Topic: Drivestation Duo 1TB (HD-W1.0TIU2/R1) RAID issues with Vista 64-bit  (Read 2947 times)


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I used this product succesfully in RAID-1 mode with Windows Vista 32-bit. Due to other reasons I had to upgrade to Vista 64-bit and now the Vista 64-bit can see my drive and I can see the content and can use the drive but the RAID utility can't connect to it. Did the software write the information into the device somewhere and now when I installed Vista 64-bit it still works as RAID-1 without the RAID utility in use? How do I know that it runs in RAID-1 and not just on a single drive with the other invisible and empty?

I installed the RAID utility to Vista 64-bit also, but it cannot connect to the drive. Just keeps saying "might be in use, please reboot and try again". I have done so a few times - no luck. I also tried with both USB cable and Firewire cable. And I also tried the "disable in device manager" thing, but no luck.

Question 1: Is it still in RAID-1 mode even I changed the OS and without the RAID utility running on Vista 64-bit? I know I could just tear it apart and connect the drives straight to my computer but I don't want to do that unless it's the last option.

Question 2: I know you can just answer "We don't support 64-bit platforms" but are you going to and when? If 64-bit support is not even coming in the future I have to get other solutions as my backup systems.





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This unit uses Hardware RAID which means that it has a hardware controller that the drives are connected to. When you setup RAID through the utility it is actually setting up the on board controller. Once the RAID array is setup it should stay that way unless otherwise told.


I will answer Q2 first: Sorry, but this software is not supported to work with 64 bit OSs, however (Q1) if you setup the unit on a 32-bit system then the drive is already setup and you do not need the software on the 64bit system. 


Also if there is NO RAID configured then the unit will show up on your computer as two 500gb drives

RAID 0 will show one 1000gb drive

RAID 1 will show one 500gb drive


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Thank you!


Q1: That's what I thought, but needed someone to confirm.

Q2: It's sad that fine products like these are going to be obsolete because of a minor software upgrade cannot be done. You could ask your superiors to approve the costs for the upgrade ;)


You can set this as solved, thank you :)