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HD-CE500U2 PowerSave Issue
« on: May 05, 2009, 06:57:48 am »


I have a HD-CE500U2 connected to a WinXP Home SP3 PC.

I have installed the TurboUSB software and the BUFFALO Power Saving Utility, version 1.02, that I downloaded from the website rather than use what was supplied with the drive.†

My issue is when I put the unit into "Sleep" mode, the drive disappears from the system and cannot be automatically "Woken" by the OS, the only way I can acess the drive again is to go into the BUFFALO Power Saving Utility and click on the wake/sleep button.

Is there a way to enable the drive to be woken up by the OS rather than having to do it manually ? I wish to schedule a backup when my PC is idle but really donít want to have to leave the drive running to do this.

Even a command line option would be good as I could putthat in a scriot to be run...

I did look at the firmware update available off of the support page, however my drives version and the version to be installed matched so I did not follow this through.

Any ideas, thanks in advance.



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Re: HD-CE500U2 PowerSave Issue
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2009, 01:04:58 pm »


It would seem the software on offer in the support section is OLDER than that supplied with the drive, V1.0 vs V1.1.

V1.0 contains Power Saver, V1.1 contains Eco Manager.

Once installed Eco Manager allows the drive to be "Woken" by the OS.†