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XHL is missing manual and other documentation
« on: March 26, 2009, 08:46:27 pm »

I'd appreciate any help.


I recently bought a LinkStation Pro XHL 1TB. I am in the process of installing it and have found that when I click on the manual.html file on the CD I come to a page (

entitled General questions for Linkstation's users that has a few links on it, including User Manual (english).

Clicking on this Manual link brings me to.... the same page. This page has 5 other links on it. One brings me the The Knowledge Base on this site (with few XHL posts) and the others address specific questions, such as understanding a backup log.

Additionally, when I am using the LinkStation web page to set up my NAS, clicking on the manual link only brings me back to this same unhelpful page.


My question is: where is the manual? I have some basic questions (this being my first NAS) and would like a resource. There is no real support for the XHL on this site other than a few posts in this forum. I am sure that I will 95% of the time not need to post here for answers if I just had some documentation. Is my problem somehow Mac specific? Other XHL owners: how are you accessing a manual?


2nd question: While NASNavigator2 runs fine, LinkNavigator tells me that there are no LinkStations on the network. I can put a document on my LinkStation using the Finder ( I am on a Mac) and it is shareable and, I believe, working. Does LinkNavigator contain the various wizards to help with setup? I would prefer to add my Users and Permissions automatically, which I referenced in the slight documentation that I have been able to find, and to learn more about the feature and options. 


Where should I go?





edit: I have since found the Japanese manual in the Info-->Japanese folder of the LinkStation and from the pictures, seems great. Hmm... The site that it sent me to was .jp as well. CD and everything else is in English.

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Re: XHL is missing manual and other documentation
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2009, 05:43:09 pm »

1) This site> Support> Downloads> LS Pro XHL> Under documentation, D/L the Manual. I tested it and it is the full 64 page manul in English.


2) If you can access the GUI and the data portions on the drive you are in good shape and shouldn't need to the LinkNavigator. If you want to put access restrictions on the folders then you would need to do so through the Web GUI. 


I hope this answers your questions


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Re: XHL is missing manual and other documentation
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2009, 10:01:14 am »

1) I will gladly now download the manual.


However, it did not appear in the support downloads until yesterday. Is it not a bit strange that the manual would be first made available in English so long after the product was being offered and purchased?


2) Glad to know that I don't need LinkNavigator.



Thank you for your quick response.