Author Topic: Can't connect to my HS-DH500GL.  (Read 2517 times)


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Can't connect to my HS-DH500GL.
« on: March 01, 2009, 09:39:32 am »



I have a HS-DH500GL (it says linkstation and gigabit on the machine, but apparently the model number means it is neither of these?) and can't connect to it either via a browser interface or the navigator software.


I can ping the machine fine, and the lights displayed on the front are the power light and the link/act light. There is no error or info light illuminated.


However, while running the navigator software, it tells me that the machine is running in EM mode and to either upgrade the firmware or contact technical support. I have contacted technical support although I realise there is a 48 hr delay before receiving a reply.


I cannot connect to the nas so cannot update the firmware via the usual method and have located a couple of threads which detail another method to force a firmware upgrade.


These threads can be found here:




As noted though, one of these threads deals with a different model number, and there is some contention in the second thread as to the correct model number.


This brings me onto another problem. My NAS is definitely the HS-DH500GL according to the information on the base of the machine, however, when I go to buffalo's downloads section to search for the firmware required for this machine I seem to get either HS-DGL_FWup or LS-GL_1.15


According the second thread, noeither of those firmware updaters are suitable for this machine, yet when I choose either linkstation pro or linkstation gigabit those are the two available firmwares.


Of course, this is just to attempt a fix and is no guarantee I will be able to get my NAS going again, but any suggestions for either fixing the NAS or finding the correct firmware would be great.



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Re: Can't connect to my HS-DH500GL.
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Sorted it, everything working perfectly now, drives recognised, connected, mapped etc etc.


Followed the advice in this thread:


use the firmware linked to in this thread:


as an aside for the buffalo team, I could not find that firmware under your support/download section and was only through the direct link contained in that post could I get hold of the correct firmware version for the model of my machine.