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Back-up to External Drives
« on: January 29, 2009, 01:28:23 pm »



I currently have a customer whose old IT guy purchased a LinkStation Pro Duo.  I don't have the model\firmware as I haven't been to his office yet.  He has the 1TB, mirrored.  He's running out of space and asked me to help him figure out a larger capacity alternative.  He's running 6 networked computers, with laptops hooked in when necessary.  We're backing the data up from these computers\laptops to the LinkStation Pro Duo.  I'm looking to upgrade him to a Buffalo 4TB TeraStation Pro II Network Storage Server.  My question, since I'm a novice wth this product, is, Can I attach external USB drives to it to copy the drives to, to take offsite?  Or. since I'm mirroring, can I swap out a set of drives for offsite storage?  Will the Memeo software do this for me or will I need to write a script? As with all SMB, lost data costs him money and we're trying to figure out the best fix.  He likes being able to access the data over the web, but it's not a requirement.  Any and all suggestions\answers are appreciated.





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Re: Back-up to External Drives
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Attach a USB drive to a Terastation, format it with the interface, then you can set up backup jobs to the disk using the Disk Backup function in the interface.


I would recommend the Terastation Live if your customer would like to access the data over the web.