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Webaccess on HS-DH500GL
« on: December 29, 2008, 05:33:52 am »

Good morning,

I have set up infos on web panel to get an access from web.

Even i have:

- firewall off

- antivirus disconnected

- all outgoing communications allowed to web by router by default

When i submit the webaccess service formula:

If i chooze "Autoconfigure firewall" i have following answer:  UPnP Gateway not found and/or doesn't support port forwarding, use manual setup.(even UPnp is activated on routeur)

If i chooze Autoconfigure Firewall disable, port 9000, i have the answer:

Error accessing, check internet settings.


Have i forgotten something?

I do not understand.

Thanks for your attention



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Re: Webaccess on HS-DH500GL
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2008, 10:11:39 am »

First start off by clicking on Web Access on the left hand side. Fromhere you can choose which folder(s) you would like to enable for webaccess.


 *Allow anonymous
 Allows anyone to access the share.  

 *Allow all groups / users
  This will allow any user (check access restrictions first) with privileges to access the folder(s).  

 *Use inherited folder permissions
This will allow people with an account on the LinkStation to access theshare remotely. They will only have access if they have readpermissions on the specific share that they’re accessing.
 Once you have chosen the desired option, click apply at the bottom of the page.



Next, click on "Service Setup" on the left side (subcategory of "Web Access").

 *HTTPS/SSL Encryption
 This enables or disables SSL encryption, making your data transmission more secure

Using is an easy way to give people access to yourshared folders. merely acts as a referral Web page,connecting your friends, family and co-workers with your does not store, save or access any of your data at anytime.

 * Name
 This is the name that you wantto assign to your LinkStation and give to your friends. They willaccess your LinkStation under using this name. Thesystem at will check if your name is already in use andalert you to select an alternative name if your choice is alreadytaken. Please, be patient and do not select common names, such as“mylinkstation” or “ourfiles”.

 * Key
 Thisis the password (“key”) that protects your LinkStation’s BuffaloNAS.comname. Try to select a password that is not easily guessed by others.

 *DNS Hostname
If you decide not to use to connect people with yourLinkStation, you have to enter a fully qualified DNS hostname for yourLinkStation that will resolve on the Internet.

 *Auto-Configure Firewall (UPnP)
This will setup the firewall ports on your router automatically forexternal Web Access to your LinkStation. Please, note that your routerneeds to support UPnP for this feature to work. If your router does notsupport UPnP, or if you have a complicated network setup you candisable this feature and configure you firewall manually.

 *External Port
This is the port that your LinkStation will use for the Web Accessinterface. Please, note that this is not the port for the generalLinkStation administrative interface. You can enter any valid port from1-65535. Please note that the LinkStation is always using port 9000 forinternal access to the Web Access server.

 Next you will wantto create a name and key. As long as the name isn't already taken, youwill receive acknowledgement from


Next, once the confirmation is received, simply give the person a link ( who you wish to allow access and you're set to go!


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Re: Webaccess on HS-DH500GL
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2009, 11:11:48 am »



Aftre having reached Support at phone, 

The man indicates me to re-ilitialize the linkstation through the left panel of administrative interface.

Then 'restore'. 

Following that, web access config registration has been successfull.

It works now properly.