Author Topic: Buffalo Live with BitTorrent (LS-CH500L) - Infinite Disk Checking  (Read 3708 times)


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Hi all,


I just purchase Buffalo Live with BitTorrent few days ago and started to use disk erase.

The whole process was completed, and now, infinite loop of disk checking.


To add more spices, I can't access the web after few hours let it run disk check.


I already done my research, so far, not able to solve my problem, except flashing firmware,

which to me, is too risky. 


These are the method that I have tried:


How should I proceed? 

Do I still need to flash its firmware? If so, can guide me all the way? 



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Re: Buffalo Live with BitTorrent (LS-CH500L) - Infinite Disk Checking
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2008, 10:21:41 am »

I would flash the firmware on the unit, if you search the forum for force firmware the first link will give you step by step directions.  If you for some reason want to avoid the firmware you can first try setting the unit back to factory defaults from the web interface, (this will not cause data loss).


firmware force


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Re: Buffalo Live with BitTorrent (LS-CH500L) - Infinite Disk Checking
« Reply #2 on: December 11, 2008, 08:43:44 am »

Before I flash the device, I ran a quick access to device through web interface.

And surprisingly, I am able to access it.


But there is an error message, fan is malfunction.

I ignore it, quickly format the disk, then after several process, it is good as new.

Thank god.

Now, transfering my stuff in that device.


If anyone else having the same problem as I am:

  1. Infinite Disk Checking
  2. After few hours disk check, could not access web interface (return 500 server error) 

Then leave it for about half day. Try access it back.

If you can access it, please do not perform any disk check or disk erase.

Just perform disk format.

After several process and disk format completed, you are safe.

Now you can restart your device and do what ever you want.


Seriously, the technical team should provide extensive detailed documentation on these devices.

Easier for user to know what the hell is going on when/during some process occurred.


Thanks a bunch Paul for trying to solve mine. =)