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Hello guys and gals new to the buffalo tech forum. And new to the buffalo all together.Im happy that my new Wzr-HP-G450 is on the way and i cant wait.

Welcome to the Buffalotech forums!

I'm also a newbie in this forum. My brother recently bought Buffalo N150 and I'm helping him setup the router so he can access the internet. :)

Nice I have the wzr-hp-g 450h and all the buffalo router's are blazing fast this is the brand I'm sticking with for sure

I'm a newer newbie than previous posters. This is my first Bison Tech product.

Just got a LS-XL (LS-X3.0TL) Link Station Live for my sweetie (on her birthday). Finally got it plugged in - no problem accessing it and/or running the software on my MacOSX 10.9 MacBook Pro, but her MacOSX 10.5.8 Mac Pro G5 (nor mine) can't run the NASNavigator software. Installer is marked as Universal, but NASNavigator is Intel only. Also have good luck running on our older Intel systems (but 10.9 starts with the NAS already visible on the desktop).

Any suggestions for connecting with an old PPC system? Box indicates it should work with 10.3.9 or later, but says nothing about what CPU is required.


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