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NAS Anonymous....
« on: August 05, 2012, 11:46:04 pm »


My name is FoxMulder and I'm a NAS addict!


Searching for proof of extraterrestrial life is only a means to support my ever growing need for MORE SPACE!!

My gateway drug was a LinkStation Duo but I partied through that in a few days.

So when my dealer said he had some hardcore 4TB LinkStation Quad Pro's I had to try it....  But just like any junkie I ended up needing MORE SPACE!!


My dealer says "I can hook you up with an extra 4TB but its gonna cost yah" No problem, Hook me up  I say while counting out fresh hundreds.. He see's the cash and tells me "8TB wont do you any good when you crash" 

Crash? I will NEVER CRASH!! 

But just in case... Hook me up with the extra 8.... 

Not to long later, after spending all my cash and all the bytes were consumed, I told myself NO MORE SPACE!!!


Now I'm waiting for UPS to deliver a shiny new 24TB TeraStation™ 7120 Enterprise


I may really need a support group to kick this habit 


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Re: NAS Anonymous....
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Fox - welecome to the forums!