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Data migration to new TeraStation
« on: February 03, 2012, 02:43:26 pm »

Hi, we recently upgraded from a TS-XL to a TS-RVHL.  I already manually recreated each of the users and groups because I could not figure out a way to export/import them.


I would like to migrate all of the shared folders and data without having to manually recreate them too.  Is this possible?  I already tried the backup utility, but could not get the other TeraStation to show up as a target.  I need the shares to be at the root level because they have different access permissions.They are both on the same network and subnet.


Isn't there some utility that would just duplicate all the users, shares and data onto the new device?


Or, is there some way to automatically create a shared folder for each user?  Then I could just drag and drop the data.  Thanks

for any help!