Author Topic: PCIE2U3 and Two Seagate External Drives  (Read 1672 times)


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PCIE2U3 and Two Seagate External Drives
« on: February 27, 2012, 08:23:14 am »

I have the Buffalo IFC-PCIE2U3 (call the ports 1 and 2) and am using two Seagate GoFlex 2TB drives (call A and B).  I can't get both to show up in Windows 7 at the same time.


1.  Both cables are good, I have used all four combinations of Drive A with port 1 and port 2, all ok, and similar, Drive B with port 1 and 2 and repeated all this with both cables for a total of 8 combinations of cable and ports, and they ALL work fine one at a time, but never have I seen both drives in Explorer.


2.  Both drives are powered by the seagate wall power adapters.


3.  The CD drivers have  been installed several times.


4.  Windows Device Manager shows one of the drives as 'online' in the Volumes page, and the other is always 'offline'.


5.  I named the drives 'Backup 1' and 'A/V 1' in case that could be a problem.


6.  I have a USB 3.0 card reader that works fine in either port of the PCIE2U3.


7.  In summary, the ports of the card are good, the cables are good, and everything I plug into them works fine, but I CANNOT get both of the drives to appear in Windows at the same time.


What am I missing here, or why would Windows 7 or the card not want to sohw both drives when I can use a drive and the card reader at the same time on this PCIE2U3?


Thanks for any suggestions,