Author Topic: IFC-EC2U3/UC : "Device cannot start (code 10)"  (Read 1970 times)


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IFC-EC2U3/UC : "Device cannot start (code 10)"
« on: March 24, 2011, 11:24:03 pm »

The USB 3.0 ExpressCard 54 originally installed properly, although it shows up as" NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller" in Windows 7x64's Device Manager.  After reboot, now get message "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". Removing and reinstalling the device driver does not help.  Cannot use the installation disc to reinstall it as the installation software does not recognize when the device is inserted (although Device Manager does see the device).


That it worked once before a reboot indicates to me a possible resource conflict, yet it's properties in Device Manager indicate that no resources are in use because the device "has problems".


What should I do to get the device to start reliably over reboots?



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Re: IFC-EC2U3/UC : "Device cannot start (code 10)"
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Re: IFC-EC2U3/UC : "Device cannot start (code 10)"
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Hey drbobski, sorry about the delayed response.  It seems like either you have a bad unit or like you suggested there might be some resource management issues on your computer.  Maybe a bios/chipset update on your computer might help?  Also can you test this device on another computer so we can see if it's our hardware that is causing the problems?  If problems persist through that troubleshooting I'd say call us so we can set you up with a replacement unit, at our tech support line at 866-752-6210.


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Re: IFC-EC2U3/UC : "Device cannot start (code 10)"
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