Author Topic: BR-X816u2 good, powerdvd player terrible  (Read 1895 times)


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BR-X816u2 good, powerdvd player terrible
« on: January 21, 2011, 05:00:17 pm »

The unit works fine, but the powerdvd software that Buffalo decided to include for bluray players, is so terrible,  full of ads trying to sell you other versions, and the interface is buggy, slowish and the documentation is poor and only describes general topics.


There is one issue however that really gives me headache and is the reason of my posting here, since the documentation for this is inexistent in the dvd-player and as I said, for some reason Buffalo decided to bundle their hardware with powerdvd, so I hope that Buffalo people can help with these:


How in heavens name can I turn off the permanent INFO white box that appears always when playing any movie on the top right corner of the screen?  


This white box shows things such as the audio and video bitrate as well as other features of the movie....    It would be ok if the white INFO box would show the information for only a few seconds, but the problem is that it remains on all the time.    I have tried left-click it, right-click it, two, three, four times but nothing!!   


Please help, how can I turn that thing off,


thank you