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Cant connect to link station via
« on: September 10, 2010, 07:46:12 am »



At work, we've got a LS-WTGL926 link station.  I've set up it's web access as described in the manual / online help sections, however I still can not connect to the link station via the website.

The only time i have managed to connect in this method is when I do it when my computer is on the same network that the box sits on - i.e. cable connected to the network at work.  


If I try to to use the site to connect at any other location (other than hard wired at the office), after entering the correct Nas box name and clicking connect  I get an error message saying " this web page is not available"  The web page (IP address) might be temp down or it may have permanently moved to new web address. "


I'm not much of a techy whizz, as you can probably tell, so please can someone tell me why this might be  happening?  What might have I done wrong?   Driving me mad!


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Re: Cant connect to link station via
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