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Troubled Times
« on: September 30, 2009, 11:03:21 pm »
        Hi folks,   Support is out until Oct 5th.  Hoping I could get a response a little quicker.  I purchased the Buffalo Firestix 1066 4gb dual channel kit last February, Last month one of the modules went crispy @ stock settings/timings.  So, like any customer would do, I RMA'd the 2 modules, and after a month of no updates or even acknowledgement that my modules were recieved, I got a phonecall from Fedex, informing me I had to spend $53.03 in a brokerage fee in order to pick up my product here in canada "Which I paid top dollar plus insurence to have it shipped out".  I have now paid for my modules TWICE !! .  All great and fine, I was just happy to have my ram back.   NOW, I open the package to find two INDIVIDUAL sticks,  not a matched pair like I had purchased originally, but ontop of that one of the sticks is bad.   SOOOO!!!   what should someone like myself do in a situation such as this,   because I thought by spending the BIG BUCKS on this product,  it would at least be stable for more than 6 months,  or at least be able to handle the voltage specified on the package.  I have lost all belief in Buffalo at this point,   and Im not trashing Buffalo, becuase no matter where you look, the benchmarks show Buffalo is at the top of the bench.    My experience with these modules has been a NIGHTMARE!!!!  and I only wish at this point that I may be able to recieve a refund for these modules at their current retail value.     Please Help.......  

Seriously concerned



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Re: Troubled Times
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2009, 08:27:29 am »

Fedex is wrong - replacements cross the border at zero dollars. You should have refused them and contacted us. We would have instructed Fedex, like we have to do about 1 in 20 shipments, that replacement are zero dollar and the customs tax was paid with the original modules. Once a customer pays the bogus tax, it is out of our hands, as fedex doesn't refund money once they receive money.

Please contact us at and we'll work with you on getting that stick(s) replaced at no cost to you - and this time - don't pay the bogus tax.