Author Topic: LTH90WN Firmware update just bricked my Linktheater  (Read 9080 times)


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Re: LTH90WN Firmware update just bricked my Linktheater
« Reply #15 on: September 30, 2009, 01:20:27 pm »

Forcing firmware updates is not a very wise solution - I would believe a majority of users would prefer to choose the timing of upgrades.

* It is not possible to prevent an upgrade as it is automatic. This is simply crazy. I would rarely apply firmware updates to any device over a wireless connection.  Even with a wired connection I'd much rather have control over when an update is to be applied. I've seen too many bricked devices to be casual about them.


* It should be possible to downgrade the firmware in case a new firmware introduces issues (as seems frequently to be the case).


* A further consequential annoyance is the fact that it checks for an update *every* time the box is powered up. 99.99% of the time users will want to use the box, not update it.


I have struggled along with the LTH90WN for a number of months now (connected via a wired interface usually) but sadly am reaching the end of my patience with it.