Author Topic: Switching LT-H90WN on causes it to reboot random number of times in succession  (Read 2173 times)


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I'm new with the product, just received it yesterday. For reasons unknown, when the unit is switched on it seemingly normally connects to the WLAN and polls for software upgrade, and then enters the regular menu - only to reboot itself after approx 1 second.


It can cycle itself like this for undefined number of times until it finally stays on.


Is this known issue and if so, how can this be remedied? Also, can I trust the automatic software polling, or should I seem newest firmware manually and ram it down the unit's throat?


Very much thank you in advance!


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My LT-H90LAN also does the same thing, but only ever once (i.e. it looks for new software twice). It never used to do this so methinks there is something different at the Buffalo server end.

Since there NEVER is any new software, it is all very pointless!