Author Topic: Preferred BD-R Media for the Buffalo Internal Blu-Ray Burner  (Read 2161 times)


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Are there any specifically preferred BD-R blank media for use with the Buffalo internal blu-ray burner?  Or, are there any known issues with any specific manufacturer of BD-R blank media or simply a brand that works better with this drive than other brands?  Given the price of the disks, I want to be sure to have as few problems as possible.  I am most interested in purchasing hub printable 25gb and 50gb disks and am looking at purchasing Sony brand disks.  There are others I'm looking at, as well, and hence the question.




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Re: Preferred BD-R Media for the Buffalo Internal Blu-Ray Burner
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From one of our engineers at Buffalo: 

"There are no known issues with any type of BD-R or BD-RE media.  I generally recommend users purchase the media of their choice as generally on any given day, there will be a healthy sale on a specific brand.  I also recommend purchasing media from a reputable company.  If you recognize the brand name, then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy their media.  (Examples:  Panasonic, Verbatim, TDK, etc.).  Many times you can find those brands at the best price as well.  Due to that, I generally don’t recommend media from an unknown company/brand."