Author Topic: Latest firmware version Linktheater nfiniti (LT-H90) ?  (Read 2444 times)


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Latest firmware version Linktheater nfiniti (LT-H90) ?
« on: May 13, 2009, 01:11:15 am »



the firmware of my Linktheater (europe) seems to be from autum 2008. Is there any newer version ? 


Its playing my digitized VHS collection very well. Bandwidth is good enough to stream most video files. I dont mind the lack of divx3 support and the lack of manually adjustable aspect ratio is annoying but neglectable.


But the lack of subtitles in mkv containers is a no go.


And, although the device has macrovision inside, it is not possible to connect an usb dvd/blue ray drive and use it as common dvd/bd player. ISO and VOB support is useless with copy protected discs. Even if i live in a country where private copys are not illegal, i dont see any reason to copy 8 gigabytes data to my NAS when i could have a small slimline dvd drive plugged in into the Linktheater. Macrovision without playing copyprotected dvd's is beyond my understanding...


I bought the Linktheater because my Linkstation is a well designed device. I think the Linktheater has the potential to be of the same quality. But right now it is in an unsatisfying condition.