Author Topic: Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions  (Read 5510 times)


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Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions
« on: January 27, 2009, 01:23:42 am »

is the linktheater LT-H90LAN considered a true networked media tank?


Does Buffalo intend to improve / add features based on user requests like the popcorn hour and other NMTs?


how often will firmware updates be provided


will buffalo provide firmware updates based on user input / experiences?


With Ripped DVDs into VOB files will the LT-H90LAN play the vob files seamlessly throught the lenght of the movie?


Also, I see some posts that say no support for 5.1AC-3 or AAC even thru HDMI?  How can this be?  Does the LT-H90LAN not pass through audio to the amp processor through the optical or coax audio feed?


in what way is the LT-H90LAN beter than say the pop corn hour or the istar NMTs?


what software does it support in the way of XBMC, jukebox and the like 




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Re: Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2009, 05:39:10 am »
   Well I'm not overly confident of getting much feedback, given the previous message but here goes in adding some further questions/queries from this newbie...

1) How do we find out what firmware changes may be forthcoming or make requests for future ones? 2) On this subject, can we possibly have a 'shuffle' feature? I am aware that the Twonky media server on my LS has an option to scramble it's playlists but this seems rather convoluted and not specifically an LT feature. Can this not be built into the firmware, of have I missed something?

2) How does this device support DRM10? Genuinely purchased WMA's simply won't play, although they obviously do via actual Windows devices. This doesn't seem to involve the LT as all I am then doing is playing files stored on a LS through my computer i.e. not quite the intention

3) What kind of playlists are supported? I can see that simple WPL's work, but haven't had any joy with anything else (PLS,M3U) or even with the slightly cleverer Active Playlists (WPL's containing a querySet)

4) What other information is available on what video formats work/don't work as I have had varied success with wmv/avi/iso's all of which are meant to work.

5) Am I correct in assuming that this LT is what is commonly referred to as a "media renderer"? Only I am trying to utilise control point software to pass music between my LS and LT without success. Whilst the two can see each other directly, I can't see my LT at all from Twonky MediaManager (running on a PC) for instance when I would have expected it to show up in the "Play Here" section

Many thanks
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Re: Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2009, 07:13:29 pm »
   Well Nosvet, I see you Posted this question at the beginning of the year, and not much action.  I also have now a LT-H90LAN, and for the most part works good.  Buffalo did get better on Streaming VOB Files, but not much support for Blu-ray M2ts Files.  All I get is Sound no Video, but no one has any ideas or solutions.  Jason, one of the Moderators, suggested to someone else to use TsRemux I did this and it didn't work either.  So any ideas would be appreciated.  There was a Firmware update, but it didn't do much just changed the Main Menu.


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Re: Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2009, 11:52:15 am »

Hi Alchav21,


I did manage to stream m2ts but I had to package the file in a MKV container first. I use mkvmerge to do this. The gotcha here is the performance of processing the raw 24Mbit/s my video camera generates by the Linktheater is poor, the picture breaks up and the sound is choppy. Blu-Ray m2ts uses up to 40Mbit/s so I would be surprised if the Linktheater would handle that. 


The best results to date is to re-encode the m2ts stream to 1280x720 in H.264 AVC(MP4) format and stream this. The file sizes are manageable and the picture quality is close to perfect. I use ffmpeg to do this.




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Re: Linktheater LT-H90LAN questions
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2009, 12:41:31 am »

this is an extremely late reply, but here goes:


I think the linktheater is a networked media tank, though it does not have wireless support (not even through a USB dongle), or the ability to plug a SATA Hard drive to it. The menu is a bit slow and looks outdated.

(I've read somewhere that there are 2 major types of NMTs in the market, the ones based on Syabas technology, and the Xtreamer which is based on their own developed technology, not sure how true that info is though).


the buffalo linktheather is my first device in the network media zone, so I have no experience with competitor products.


take a look at the current frequency of the firmware updates on the buffalotech Support -> Downloads page. I would say the frequency is very low compared to the number of problems the unit has or competitive updates that it needs.


the rest of the questions are too technical for me, so can't help on those.



I'd have to say that Buffalo Online Support through these forums is the worst I have ever encountered in terms of speed of reply (if any). I'm certain I will not be purchasing another buffalo product in the future especially that there are so many similar technological alternatives out there, so it is really the service that makes the difference in this case. Granted that most others might have the same crappy support, but at least i'll be trying something new in the hopes that it might be the one I'm looking for instead of sticking to the same "confirmed" inadequate one.


P.S: I'm basing my above comments about the service on posts I have started in these forums due to problems I have faced with a couple of buffalo items that I bought as a kit of 3 (LinkStation Live, LinkTheater LAN, Wireless N Router). In one of the items, I have been struggling with a problem since 17 days with no solution in sight ...