Author Topic: HELP: set up wireless repeater (whr-hp-gn) for an Airport Extreme network  (Read 1250 times)


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Hello all,


Thanks in advance for reading this and helping me.


I currenting have a network set up, using an airport extreme as a router. It is in bridge mode, I guess, but I'm not exactly sure what that means... no NAT protocol? 


Anyway, the house is rather big and old and made of stone walls, so the signal sucks everywhere. I have a desktop, and I'm in the farthest room from the router, receving a "poor" signal. I have a Buffalo WHR-hp-gn and I would like to place that in a position so that I can use it as a wireless repeater. I know this is possible, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it.


One issue is that it needs to be done wirelessly. I can either connect the Buffalo to the Airport, or the Buffalo to my Computer, but I can't link all three. 


What would the steps be for me setting up the Buffalo to pull from the Airport signal and send it out again (preferably passcoded or MAC filtered, so my desktop is the only device using the secondary signal, and not my phone or xBox, etc) When I was trying to set it up earlier, I managed to get into the settings of the Buffalo by connecting directly to my computer, and it "site list" I found the Airport network, but I think I messed up the other settings, because it came through as the exact name as the original network, I could connect to it, but there was no "internet connection"


I would really appreciate some help on this!


Thank you,



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