Author Topic: Problems with Turbo mode Ag300H  (Read 777 times)


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Problems with Turbo mode Ag300H
« on: April 25, 2012, 12:47:20 pm »


my ag300h is receiving as client the 5 GHz internet. Settings in ath1: Client, NA-Mixed, Turbo 40 MHz, WPA2 Personal.

The radio on the 2.4 Mhz gives the signal to my clients. Settings in ath0: AP, NG-Mixed, Full (20 Mhz), WPA2 Personal.


If I try to switch at ath0 to Turbo mode all comes down and no wireles radio is detected.


The second thing is when I create a VLAN at 5Ghz, the download speed comes from 25 MByte to 5 MByte.


Maybe someone can help.


I am using the last stable Professional Firmware