Author Topic: problem with wifi internet connection in my laptop. please help!!!  (Read 867 times)


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good eve guys,


i recently brought a buffalo airstation wireless router, i need the wifi because im using my laptop and there's the desktop for my brother. after i plug the router t the modem & the desktop. the internet connection to the desktop dont have any problem. then when i connect the laptop to the router that's when the problem starts.

when the desktop is open and connected to the internet, my laptop (which is at the same time connectedt the net wireless) loose its internet connection. the internet proterties have this "ipv4 & ipv6 no internet connection" i dont know how to assign ip & dns server to my laptop so i can have different connection and there's no conflict in the ip. i dont really knows what to do, please help me!

and please can you give step by step instruction on what to do so that i wont get confuse. thanks!


note: when i tried to connect my android phone on wifi, the connection is not in range but im just 2.5 meters away from the router! and before i brought the buffalo, im using tenda wifi router and i dont have any problems w/ it.


please please please help me!