Author Topic: Airstation WLAE-AG300N - Wireless password issues  (Read 938 times)


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Airstation WLAE-AG300N - Wireless password issues
« on: March 29, 2012, 01:52:15 am »



I've tried to set up the Airstation to boost the wireless signal from my wireless router to my home office.  I turned off the wireless security for my router while setting up and although my Airstation now seems to be connected, all other devices in my house are now locked out of the wireless connection..


My wireless network was called 'Infected'


I now see two wireless networks, 'Infected 1' and 'Infected 2'.


Although I had turned off my wireless security, both of these networks are appearing as password protected.


If I enter my usual password, I can't connect.


While setting up the airstation, I wasn't asked to enter any passwords.


Not quite sure what has happened and why I can't log onto my usual wireless connection?  If I was to uninstall everything related to Buffalo, would these 2 new networks disappear and my old one reappear..?


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!