Author Topic: a newborn with complications - WHR-HP-G54 - How can I reach it?  (Read 882 times)


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I have MacBooks with OS 10.4 and OS 10.5.

I should say the WHR-HP-G54s came with no packaging, no discs, and no information. The original installer has declined to provide any support to us or to the village.
I have two WHR-HP-G54 Buffalos, one receiving village internet transmission (Iberbanda) through a line-of-sight antenna (no brand name visible), LAN-wired to another one acting as an access point. We have perfectly functional WiFi from this, but need security.
All I want to do is get into contact with the AP so I can put password protection on it and stop the village children piggy-backing on our WiFi. We don't want to be scrooge; but there is little enough bandwidth, anyway.
Following instructions in the on-line manual (WHR-HP-G54-qsg-v2.5-web.pdf), I cannot connect to the internal (AP) router - nor to the other one for that matter. And I've no idea why I cannot. (I've purchased another brand of possible access point, and can communicate with it all right; but it has only one LAN port and is not suitable for my needs.)
What can I be doing wrong?

Please help!