Author Topic: WZR-HP-AG300H Router does not connect to Ubuntu LTS 10.4  (Read 1255 times)


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WZR-HP-AG300H Router does not connect to Ubuntu LTS 10.4
« on: February 26, 2012, 09:56:16 pm »

Let me expand on the problem stated above. 

Firstly, my router uses DD-WRT (v24 sp2 - Multi(12/1710) std firmware. It is brandspanking new and already a headache.


I can connect to the router with Windows, no problem at all and it connects to the Internet. However with Ubuntu, the shoe is on the other foot. In other words, I do not get a connect handshake between the PC and the router.  T narrow things down, I have tried the following experiments:

1. Connect with the PC running Ubuntu to a Linksys E3000 ( sorry competition) with their OEM firmware: I could connect to the internet. Therefore Ubuntu works as it should.

2. Connect with Windows (one of my PCs has dual boot Windows and Ubuntu): It connected to the Buffallo router with dd-wrt firmware with no problem at all. Therefore the hardware ports on both the router and PC are working properly.


I should also mention that I had always shut down and restarted the equipment in order to guarantee a fresh startup.


In light of the above, I figure that it must be a quirk in the dhcp negotiation between the dd-wrt firmware and Ubuntu..but what is the quirk?  To be honest, I am at a loss here. Yet I am pointing the finger to the dd-WRT firmware (but I may be wrong) since I had flashed the E3000 with the DD-WRT firmware, resulting in the same problems. I went back to the OEM Linksys firmware to have access to the internet. 

I hope that someone in the community has come across a solution for this. Thank you in advance for your reply.