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Connection Problem
« on: October 26, 2011, 06:11:28 pm »

I have a unit what it is exactly I guess doesn't matter. I guess ill explain what it needs to do, what the problem, is and what my settings are.


The unit allows me to remote access it via internal and via dyndns addresses.


So the interal address of it is on port 362. The unit has an internal browser built in that should open when that is entered into a web browser. This is not working.....


However, if I use my account with the same port ending, as long as im not on the local network, say im over my friends house, I can access it.


Basically what would be the reason I can access it remotely but not internally. I have pretty much ruled out the actual unit because if there was a problem with the unit then I wouldn't be able to access it at all, because it doesn't know if im local or remote. That's the routers job.


I have the ports forwarded correctly as I would not be able to access it at all if they weren't.