Author Topic: WHR-HP-G300N to replace U-Verse wireless setup Question  (Read 864 times)


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WHR-HP-G300N to replace U-Verse wireless setup Question
« on: October 26, 2011, 01:34:26 pm »

I have searched this forum for install info. to replace the wirless part of my U-Verse with a WHR-HP-G300N and did not see something specific. First I am not a programmer, but I do know how to read and follow good directions. When I posed my question to Buffalo, I got a canned response to use the CD or Web interface. Duh, I did that only to find that for example the SSID is either a series of numbers or it says AirStation with my normal SSID appended to it.. so here goes with the questions:


I know how to assign static ip address in uverse to the WHR-HP-G300N and to disable the wifi in the uverse.

However i am going to locate this in the center of my home that has a wired switch with connections to my uverse settop box and blu-ray player, so i thought the WHR-HP-G300N  could play off that link.  My desire is to have it broadcast the same SSID that the uverse has, (saves me from reprograming remote cameras, and other wireless devices (8)) and to have to redistribute the DHCP portions from the uverse so all my networks plays the same wired and wireless. So in the definition of how I would like to use it, can it work as a wireless ap behind my uverse router/modem? If so what settings have to change in the WHR-HP-G300N , and I assume that i have to use the web part since it seems more complex? Thanks in advance, and fyi I am waiting on someone to make a "forum" site that you only have to register in one place to sign into any forum, and Facebook is not the answer.?