Author Topic: Accessing AG300H after configuring as wired bridge  (Read 862 times)


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Accessing AG300H after configuring as wired bridge
« on: October 16, 2011, 09:32:27 pm »
Hi Folks, I have 2 AG300H routers. I use one plugged into my cable modem, and wanted to use the second as a bridge and wireless ap because I have a cable to a part of the house with terrible wireless coverage from the main router and several wired devices there too. I followed the instructions here: After following those instructions to the letter, I plugged the second AG300H into the main (gateway) router via the ethernet cable, plugged a computer into that and see it working as a bridge. I can also connect to the wireless on the second router. It is delivering IP addresses via DHCP from the main router to all wired and wireless clients. All seems good except...... How do I get back to the configuration interface on second router to tweak the configuration? The instructions earlier had me set the second AG300H to IP address However, now I can't get at the admin interface, or telnet to the second router. Doesn't matter if i try to get at it from a computer directly plugged into it, no luck. Is the only way to do a hard reset and start over? That doesn't seem very productive for testing settings. If I have to do that, is there a way to configure this router the next time so that I can access its configuration interface from a computer attached to one of the LAN ports? Thanks for your help.