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« on: August 22, 2011, 10:42:09 am »


WZR-HP-AG300H as router


New LG Plasma with N dongle

New Direct TV HD receiver



Currently I can connect my PS3, TV and all devices to my WZR-HP-AG300H.  However when I testd the connection to make sure I could stream 3D movies the results were not good.  The router is in the opposite corner of my house and up a level from where I am trying to get the 3D stream going. The signal strength is ok for laptop and pad usage but streaming is going to be a huge problem


Should I buy another WZR-HP-AG300H and set it up as a bridge with the current WZR-HP-AG300H or buy a

WLAE-AG300N?  I am worried that the PS3 not having the N adapter in it will thwart my speeds.


Any ideas on what to go with in this situation?