Author Topic: WZR-HP-G300NH port forwarding and mac address clone issue  (Read 1104 times)


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WZR-HP-G300NH port forwarding and mac address clone issue
« on: July 15, 2011, 01:02:30 am »

I have the following router and firmware

Router Model: WZR-HP-G300NH

Firmware Version: DD-WRT v24SP2-EU US (08/19/10) std - build 14998??


I have a wifi cam setup in LAN at ip address, and I have port forwarding setup to allow outside access to the http server of the wifi cam via port 5000. However this would only work for about 2 days. After that, I would stop to get any response when trying to access the wifi cam form outside. To fix this, I have to log into the router and press "SAVE", then "Apply Settings" in the NAT/QOS page.


The second issue I have is with the MAC ADDRESS CLONING feature, it would lose the setting and revert back to default MAC address everytime I reboo the router. I had to use some command line script to fix this. The one I am using looks like the following:



#!/bin/shstopservice wankill `ps | grep pptp | cut -d ' ' -f 1`insmod nf_nat_proto_greinsmod nf_conntrack_proto_greinsmod nf_conntrack_pptpinsmod nf_nat_pptpnvram set wan_hwaddr="C4:2C:03:01:65:1F"nvram commitsed -i -e 's/mppe .*/mppe required,stateless/' /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpdecho "nopcomp" >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpdecho "noaccomp" >> /tmp/pptpd/options.pptpd
 startservice wan ???