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I was wondering if anyone is having the same problems as I am.  Purchased this router a couple of months ago and been having problems ever since.  I'm running the user friendly firmware WZR-HP-G300NH Ver.1.76 (R2.01/B1.07)  .  Each time I start my computer (wired) and open Internet Explorer, it takes about a couple of minutes before I can get a web page.  It'll say "Page Can't Be Found" initially and then I'll finally have Internet Access.  On my old router, internet access was immediate.   In the meantime, I'm able to access my networked computers without any problems.  For the most part once I get the connection to the Internet, it's active but every now and then the connection will drop and then get back online after a minute.  I have the same issues with wireless as well.  I'm only running Wireless-G and have the same problems on my Iphone/Ipad.  Initially I won't have any Internet connection and then after a couple of minutes, it works.  The drop-outs seem to happen more on the wi-fi connections.  Does anybody have any ideas?  Do I have a bad router?  Should I convert to the DD-WRT firmware?   Thanks for your help. 


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Re: WZR-HP-G300NH Internet Connectivity Issues - Wired and Wireless
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I would try cloaning the Mac address of your PC into the router. Also make sure that the switch on the back is set to on. If that does not help then try the DDWRT firmware.