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Why won't the thing connect to the bridge
« on: April 20, 2009, 08:42:10 pm »

I've been trying to set up a bridge with a WHR-G54S and a WHR-HS-G54.  With horrible results.  My first attempts were to get the original set up back running with a Linksys as the "originating" router and a WHR-G54 as the original system was set up.  With all the MAC addresses set appropriatly and the cannel set properly and the bridge enabled, the two wouldn't talk to each other.


Today I've tried to get a WHR-HS-G54 set up as the "originating" router.  Same miserable results.


What gives?  What am I missing?  I can get the two to comunicate when wired but not wireless???!!!!!!!???? 


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Re: Why won't the thing connect to the bridge
« Reply #1 on: April 20, 2009, 10:37:18 pm »

 Here is instructions on how to do it.  We do not support WDS with other companies routers


Setting up WDS bridging

Physical Setup

  • Have the routers, and/or Access Points next to one another, and physically plugged into each other via the LAN connection.
  • Change the "Access Point" unit into Bridged mode by changing the phsyical switch from "auto" to "bridge"
  • Verify that you can log in to all devices through web browser before starting.

Router IP(default):
Bridge IP(common default):

username: root
default password: <leave blank>

Device Config

  • Setup the router normally, but do not enable encryption yet. Wait until WDS is working.
  • From Advanced screens, go to Wireless Config->Basic in both devices
  • Turn OFF Auto Channel, for Wireless Channel. Set it to an actual channel, I suggest 11, or 6.
  • The SSID does not matter but we recommend they be the same, but it will work just as well if they are different.
  • Change Framebursting from 125 High Speed Mode to Frameburstingor Do not use. (Framebursting is recommended if all of your clientdevices support it).
  • Click Apply and allow the devices to reset and apply thesettings. It's importnat to fully apply changes on the Bridge unitfirst. Applying changes will cause each unit to reboot. If the Routerunit starts rebooting, you will be unable to apply settings on theBridged unit until the Router has fully rebooted.
  • Go to Wireless Config->Repeater on both devices.
  • Repeater-Bridge (WDS) must be set to Enable.
  • Click Apply (Bridge unit first, then Router)
  • Click Edit Registered WDS Partners
  • Under Add New WDS Partner Access Point, enter the wireless MACaddress of the other AirStation, the one that you want to form a bridgewith.
  • Click New Partner.
  • The AirStation will reboot, and when the screen refreshes, thesecond AirStation’s MAC address will be listed under Bridgeable AccessPoints.
  • Now, repeat this process for the other Devices.
  • Once you are done, disconnect the ethernet cable, power cyclethe devices, and watch for a storm of wireless activity on the wirelessactivity light.
  • Verify that WDS is working by logging into the repeater ( from a wired connection to the Router.

Now you can enable Encryption if you would like. Enable theEncryption on the access point first, then the router. If you do therouter first you will not be able to communicate with the Access Point,and it will be orphaned.



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Re: Why won't the thing connect to the bridge
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2009, 09:17:28 am »
   I would use the WHR-G54S connect to the ISP and use the WHR-HP-G54 as an access point.  The key to set the WHR-HP-G54 as an access point is to turn the switch at the bottom of the router to the AP position.  Then press the OASS button to let the router make the connection to your ISP router.  Otherwise follow the previous steps to manually set the AP router.


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Re: Why won't the thing connect to the bridge
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2011, 06:16:29 am »


I'm following your advice on setting up a bridge with at WHR-HP-G54 but it just won't connect. Would it be easier if I tried to connect using AOSS rather than manually?


The only probelm is that I've forgotten the password for the AOSS. Perhaps if I could reset a new password I can get it to connect that way. How do I erase the old password?





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Re: Why won't the thing connect to the bridge
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2011, 06:02:17 am »

These connections won't work for me. Under manual settings should I set a Lan default gateway?