Author Topic: WZR-HP-G300NH - Using DNS resolution for web interfaces failes on OSX  (Read 804 times)


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When trying to access the router, a NAS, or uTorrent WebUI from OS X laptop browser with the hostname, I get a failure stating that the site could not be found (occurs in Chrome and Safari).

If I try the same thing from a PC it works just fine.

If I use the IP address it works fine.

If I append .local to the name it works fine:

- servername:5000 = FAIL

- servername.local:5000 = Success


If I use a hostname just to connect to the drives it works fine over SMB.


I am using WZR-HP-G300NH firmware 1.76


When I originally used the DD-WRT firmware I did not have this problem but I'd rather stick with UF firmware for now.


Has anybody else run into this and found a good solution besides just using the IP address? My main irritation with this is that I use Google Chrome and my browser bookmarks sync between computers so on my XP and Win7 machines the hostname works fine but on the Mac the bookmark doesn't work. It really is just an irritation but still... it's odd.