Author Topic: Is N speed supported for WDS with two WHR-HP-G300N routers  (Read 801 times)


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Is N speed supported for WDS with two WHR-HP-G300N routers
« on: March 26, 2011, 09:56:21 pm »

I have two WHR-HP-G300N routers with DD-WRT build 14998 downloaded from Buffalo support. I have one of the routers running in "WDS AP" mode and the other in "WDS Station" mode using 128-bit WEP. When I enable the "Wireless Advanced Settings" the "Transmission Maximum Rate" is limited to 54mbps. This is confirmed in the Wireless Status info for both routers which shows a TX Rate and RX Rate of 54mbps. My primary reason for purchasing these routers was to link them in a "client bridged" type of configuration (as defined here configuration capable of N speeds over the bridge link.


I have configured the "WDS AP" mode router with two access points. The primary or physical AP uses WEP while a virtual AP is using WPA Personal


So now to my question. Is it possible to achieve N speeds over the bridge link with these two routers? If so what do I need to change? For example, do I need to:

1) Use MAC-based WDS that's described in some of the DD-WRT specific info?

2) Dump WDS and use "Client Bridged" configuration as defined by DD-WRT?

3) Use a different DD-WRT build?

4) Setup WDS using a version of the so called "Buffalo User Friendly" firmware?

5) Remove the virtual AP on the "WDS AP" mode router?

5) Something else...?


Everything else is working fine, including N speed for generic wireless clients connecting to the virtual access point on the "WDS AP" mode router. The only connection that won't go above G speeds is the link between the two routers over the WEP access point.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.