Author Topic: Partial success...need help getting internet access  (Read 896 times)


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Partial success...need help getting internet access
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:39:59 am »

Hi All,


Just bought Buff WLI-TX4-AG300N.


Looking to use a 2Wire720 Residential Gateway (Model 3800HGV-B, think it is the 2700 series) as access point on ATT Uverse.  Looking to hookup XBox as well as stream Netflix.


Took my Dell Inspiron Windows 7 Home Premium laptop and pluged in the TX4 with ether cable.


Went thru set up as suggested with Ethernet Manager.


No problem getting it to recognize 2Wire720 and say a connection is established but at 54 mps.  (think that is the 3800HGV-B limits).


But it soesn't indicate any Internet connection?  If I try adn log in to IExp on laptop - I get a diagnose problems.....


If I modify IP address I can get to the web screen - but same ending....


I welcome all suggestions. 


I do also have a Linksys WT54G Wireless Router I could add to main computer and go thru that - but first try was equally unsuccessful.






Finally got the TX4 to recognize 2Wire720 with 54mps (think that limit is cuz of the 2Wire720 Gateway - its a 3800-HGV-B (2700 series from 2Wire).


But I am not




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Re: Partial success...need help getting internet access
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2011, 03:00:03 pm »

Try putting your pc on a static ip address of and opening up a web browser and going to Try to configure the settings here. In this page click on connect to air station and follow the wizard.