Author Topic: WHR-HP-300N Must be Reset Twice a Day  (Read 7972 times)


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Re: WHR-HP-300N Must be Reset Twice a Day
« Reply #15 on: January 24, 2011, 06:33:36 am »

My switch is "on", which does make a big difference.  Before I set the daily reboot I did have some periods of over 48 hours with no wireless hang, but never a whole week.  


I am planning to wait until either Buffalo blesses a new DD-WRT build (which does not void warranty), or DD-WRT incorporates the Ath9k driver.  For my purposes, there does not seem to be much point in continuously testing new DD-WRT builds until this happens.


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Re: WHR-HP-300N Must be Reset Twice a Day
« Reply #16 on: January 24, 2011, 10:24:59 am »

I understand your frustration. I'm not using this router (WZR-HP-G300NH) anymore for anything other than a toy.

It was a client bridge for me, but I got tired with the Buffalo branded 14998 and it's constant wireless crashing.

Now I'm using a cat6 cable with gigabit switches instead.


About the router...

It definitely seems to be performing better now after the update.

Steady 270TX/270RX wireless connection, no hanging yet. I think this combination might just work.

Let's see...




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Re: WHR-HP-300N Must be Reset Twice a Day
« Reply #17 on: January 24, 2011, 11:31:41 am »

I agree with the ath9k intergration, i still like the results with dd-wrt that i have so far over stock firmware, i don't run mixed mode, i run it in N-only and it has performed well for me. I have settled on using 15704 non buff dd-wrt because so far, everything works fine for me with it, USB mounted correct and all my custom firewall scripts work no problem. I have 2 wired machines that run 24/7 and  my other 5 various devices are all wireless N generic realtek 8191/8192 chipset based usb adapters, i haven't had any of the disconnect problems etc that others have had, and i have done lots of file charing and internet off all my wireless devices, seems smooth for me so far, I don't like the fact that with the madwifi driver its stuck at 150mbps link rate, and locked at 19dBm (which the g300nh is capable of 28dBm according to but overall performance has been fast and stable for me.