Author Topic: WHR-HP-G300N slave unit problems  (Read 851 times)


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WHR-HP-G300N slave unit problems
« on: December 09, 2010, 08:56:38 pm »

I am a home user with 2 units of WHR-HP-G300N, one being master and the other as slave. Since I set them up, I had no problem for months until recently. Both are with firmware Ver.1.82.


1) I cant access the repeater (slave) router via wireless or wired. The IP address has changed, it seems. Default gateway shows master IP address and master is accessible.


2) Slave SSID is visible and I'm able to connect it wirelessly, however slave doesnt seem to transceive internet data- limited access shown, while its wireless green light blinks. When PC wired to the slave, internet connection is normal. Master SSIDs are visible and internet connections seem normal, so I assume normal communication exists between master/slave.


I'm using W7 64bits and internet connection inititated from ADSL modem.


I would be so grateful if someone could help me. Thanks