Author Topic: WZR-HP-G300NH - Official Buffalo DD-WRT means no more or official media sharing?  (Read 1515 times)


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I just got samba working properly locally, but want to setup remote access to the nas as well as media sharing (uPnP/DLNA).


It looks like those options are gone now. I'm open to suggestions on how to properly setup remote access to the attached drive and how to properly setup uPnP/DLNA for streaming audio/video to my ps3. Note: when I initially got the drive I BRIEFLY reverted to the stock "user-friendly" firmware, but was instantly plagued by an unusable wireless network (no devices could stay connects longer than about 10-15 seconds). This is gone with the official DDWRT firmware.


On a side note - thus far the access speed to the drive via samba is pretty good! - 12MBps write. The drive is a WD Elements 2TB USB2.0 drive




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I had the opposite problem from you. The ddwrt doesn't work for me and drops wifi packets.  I installed the 1.76 stock firmware and got really good results -  I did have a bit of problem at first b/c I had set the SSID to the same as it was before and the same password. My mac and  iphone were getting wifi failures etc in a strange way. They were connecting b/c they had the correct pw for the network but somethign was wrong (network type, encryption, something - I didn't take the time to find out). I just changed the SSID and password and packets went like wildfire across the stock firmware.


After that,, upnp, remote access, bittorrent, etc were all fine as well. I did run 1.72 for about 6 months and the nas features were kinda crappy. 1.76 seems to work  well. 


If you have the time and patience, maybe give the stock another shot?  If not, then I've totally failed to answer your question :)