Author Topic: WZR-HP-G300NH cannot connect to Internet or Ethernet  (Read 1008 times)


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WZR-HP-G300NH cannot connect to Internet or Ethernet
« on: November 07, 2010, 02:59:06 am »



I bought WZR-HP-G300NH WLAN-device. First it worked great, but then I upgraded the Firmware to "DD-WRT v.24sp2 build 149". Now it won't find Internet or Ethernet, it just works alone.


My network map:


Modem (Thomson) <=> SWITCH (Cisco) <=> WLAN (Buffalo, connected to Sisco via WAN)


Any idea that WLAN would work alike than I'd connect my PC with a wire to the Switch? I mean it wouldn't matter if I connect my PC to Ethernet either 1) wired directly to te switch or 2) wireless. So I could use my network printer and server, u know?


Thanks, and if you answer, please use simple English, because (maybe u noticed) my English is not-so-good (I'm from Finland) :)


BR Aleksi




And I don't think there's any Finns here, but however I'll also write this in Finnish.


Eli siis ostin tollasen WLANin kun WZR-HP-G300NH ja päivitin firmwaren tollaseks kun DD-WRT v.24sp2 build 149. Tän päivityksen jälkeen laite ei enää yhistä mun Ethernettiin, vaan se toimii yksinäisesti omana sisäverkkonaan.


Verkkokartta: Modeemi (Thomson) <=> Kytkin (Cisco) <=> WLAN (Buffalo, kytketty WANin kautta Ciscoon)


Eli tarkotus olis saada toi laite toimimaan sillain että sisäverkko toimisi samalla tavalla 1) kytki PC:n suoraan piuhalla kytkimeen tai sitten 2) langattomasti WLANin kautta. Et vois kato käyttää serveriä tai verkkoprintteriä :)


Ja vastaukset suomeks jos mahdollista ;)


t. Aleksi


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Re: WZR-HP-G300NH cannot connect to Internet or Ethernet
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2010, 10:15:18 am »

Never mind. I think I broke it some way. Power led is on and wireless led is blinking, but other don't lit. I can't manage the device via browser anymore. I've reseted it a few times but it doesn't help. What did I do, and what should I do now? I wanna it'd work!