Author Topic: WZR-HP-G300NH WiFi signal quality bad; fixed by reboot.  (Read 1094 times)


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WZR-HP-G300NH WiFi signal quality bad; fixed by reboot.
« on: September 24, 2010, 01:13:31 am »

I have a WZR-HP-G300NH router with firmware version "Ver.1.74 (R2.06/B1.07)" This router has been operating flawlessly, for several months. All of my wireless devices report maximum WiFi signal strength (I live in a rather small flat). I measure signal strength by observing the number of "bars" displayed on the WiFi controls of my devices. These devices include an iPod Touch, a Windows notebook computer, and an Apple Macintosh Mini. The first two devices are 802-11-N, the Mini is 802-11-G.

Recently, I have been having a recurring problem. The wireless signal srength drops to a level that is too low for my devices to use, unless I move the devices to within a few meters of the router.

I reboot the router via its web page user interface. This cures the problem: all my devices again report maximum signal strength.

I configure my router to choose a WiFi channel automatically. Twice, I have observed that the router was using channel 11 at the time of the problem. Once, I observed that the router switched to channel 8, after I rebooted.

I could collect more observations of channel usage, or I could try setting the channel number manually. However, I am not confident that this is the best way to debug this issue.

What should I do next? Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: WZR-HP-G300NH WiFi signal quality bad; fixed by reboot.
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2010, 04:43:00 pm »

It sounds like someone nearby has moved in and may be using channel 11 as well. I would try setting your channels to 6 or 1 and see if you get results like you used to have.