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Re: Latest stock firmware for WZR-HP-300NH
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I have no issue with setting up the VAP's.  Unfortunately without VLAN,  I can't bridge one of the wired ports into the same LAN as the VAP.   I want to type a VAP+1LANport to an isolated LAN segment,  I would then plug a long CAT5e cable into the LAN port,  and run it to my customers classroom,  where it wolud connect to a 24Port Switch running to the classroom PC's.  The VAP would allow Teachers,  and there assistants to connect Wirelessly to the same segment via the bridge VAP on the same VLAN. 


I am already doing this on my ASUS RT-N16,  and it works.  Unfortunately Wireless sucks on the ASUS,  so I have to run from my ASUS to the Buffalo in the classroom,  which I setup as WAP/VAP for the classroom.  This is great method for my larger clients that can afford to buy multiple routers. 


Some of our smaller clients aren't ready to buy multiple routers,  so for them I've been forced to try to accomplish the same goal with a single Router.  This is disasterous with the crappy radio in the ASUS.  If the Buffalo WZR-HP-300NH would support the VLANing the way it works on the ASUS (broadcom-based),  I could eliminate the ASUS models entirely,  and install these Buffalo WZR-HP-300NH Routers at every customer site I support. 


Some of our customers are starting to create branch offices,  so I will soon need to intregrate VPN technology between sites,  so DD-WRT is a must.  Particularly it's build in OpenVPN support.   Between VAPs,  VLANs, and VPN's,  I starting to create some fairly complicated networks for our clients.  


I support mutliple networks,  including one with over 35,000 PC's on it,  so I understand networking.  I'm simply trying to find a decent Router I can rely on,  that can handle everything I'm trying to accomplish.  This one doesn't quite fit the bill at this point,  but once the DD-WRT team gets this functionality working I'll be running these Routers everywhere I can.  (They are already providing very reliable WAP service at many of our sites -- I already love the hardware.   (BTW: I also intregrate SIP Telephony solutions on my networks,  so I give my equipment a real workout)).