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Re: WZR-HP-G300NH and dd-wrt
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cantuseityet wrote:

I bought this router after I had a fully working router because of the additional features laike NAS etc. To this day, nothing has worked with it. Like everyone else, the latest update is failing all the time. Even an apparent reversion to an earlier one does not work with this upgrade. Do we even know what's in it-what it is supposed to fix and allow? I spent so much money and time on this router already. I could have lived with the factory default firmware but now the "supported" dd-wrt firmware has rendered my unit worthless for the most part. Is there a way that is guaranteed to work to perform a solid upgrade? Thanks.


If you have upgrade to dd-wrt befor this official dd-wrt firmware then you will have to go to dd-wrt to get the original firmware 1.65 to flash it back.  After that you go to 1.74 and then the dd-wrt firmware 14998.


I got the problem and I think you may have to reset to factory setting before upgrade.  Some customization setting won't allow you to upgrade such as jffs2 ...


This is official so I go with it but I really don't know why the firmware stop supporting NAS/formatting drive and XFS.  I got my drive formated with XFS from firmware 1.74 but that hard drive is useless now.  The dd-wrt doesn't support any fancy drive like NTFS or XFS.  It doesn't even support Bittorent!


I'm sure they need at least 1 more firmware to support NAS/Samba, DLNA and torrent as it's advertised!  Well I think Buffalo got PR issue here when depending on dd-wrt to add those.  dd-wrt is not serious enough to add those.  I think Buffalo may have to recall this dd-wrt firmware and try to make their own firmware more stable instead.