Author Topic: Aoss Question on WZR-HP-G300NH router  (Read 1426 times)


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Aoss Question on WZR-HP-G300NH router
« on: March 22, 2010, 10:22:29 pm »

Hello, I have a WZR-HP-G300NH Ver.1.72 (R4.01/B1.06). I have setup the LAN fine, but having a issue with the AOSS wireless setup.   I click the AOSS icon on the web interfact, then initiate connection by clicking the icon on the wireless client (netgear wn111 usb adapter on a winxp laptop).  After that nothing connects.    However, when use the AOSS button on the physics router and initiate the aoss connection on the client computer, the systems do connect and everything seems to work fine (I can connect to remote network drives and the internet).  I can also initiate the connection using the "pin" function (get a pin from client and enter it in the enrollee ping under the wireless connection/WPS).   I thought that the icon on the web enterface and on the router itself did the same thing.   In anycase, even after the "aoss" connection via the physical router, under the wireless connection/Aoss on the web interface the "Encryption Type of Exclusive SSID for WEP" shows "AOSS is not active".   I thought AOSS was just a means of easily setting up wpa/wps2 mixmode PSk (which is what I have the system setup to under wireless connection/basic(11n/g/b)) .   So what is going?  The router manual seems to state that after you connect via AOSS then setting appear under the wireless connection/Aoss.   What am I missing?  Why can I not get a connection via AOSS icon on the web interface and it will connect  via the AOSS button on the physical drive.  Why when it does connect via the physical drive nothing appears in the AOSS page of the Web interface?


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Re: Aoss Question on WZR-HP-G300NH router
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2010, 03:30:16 pm »

AOSS is for connecting other Buffalotech products to Buffalotech products. It also works with Sony AOSS enable playstations.

When you try to connect a third party device to a Buffalotech product set up with AOSS, it can get more complicated, usually with the password.

For mixed mfrs, you may want to use WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup - the same button as the AOSS button), but your client will need to have WPS as well.