Author Topic: How to connect a WHR-G300N to a WZR-HP-G300NH?  (Read 9117 times)


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Re: How to connect a WHR-G300N to a WZR-HP-G300NH?
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USe you WZR-HP-G300NH as a primary router, if required upgrade to 1.74 firmware, do not upgrade to dd-wrt professional for this router..



Install dd-wrt version of firmware for WHR-G300N v1 router(  client). in the wireless security provide the entries that matchs with primary router.

next in wirless basic settings, select same channel,ssid, wireless band, mode etc.... the SSID should match with primary router ( case sensitive).

Select the "repeater bridge" mode here.


Then go to basic settings for router, set the ip address of the client something similar to ( assuming primary router is and DHCP ip start with 101 and so on)

Check the use the wan port to switch.. now you have 5 lan ports  for connect .


Under security disable the fiewall and re-boot the router... Now G300N ( with dd-wrt)will act as repeater bridge and connect to WZR-HP-G300NH wirelessly..


Caution, if you upgrade the G300NH( primary router) to dd-wrt  professional you will not  be able to do the same setup.....