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Router and Wpa help
« on: February 12, 2009, 12:09:14 pm »


I need to find my router?  And Secure it.

And then I need to be able to see my wireless connection when I refresh my "available wireless connections".


I thought I had "named" my router (Clover).

When I connect "wireless" to the net my name (Clover) shows in my icon as being my connection, but when I "view" the available wireless connection screen to see if (Clover) is secure?  I don't see (Clover) anywhere...


I do see 3 unsecured connections

Verizon WI-Fi

Publice Free

Linksys (no number)

I'm sure one is mine, they all have high bars (5) but since I CAN Connect to the net via all three I don't know which ONE is Mine???


How can I find out which "unsecured" link is mine?

How can I rename and secure it?


I have a Lynksys router. HP Laptop. No Buffalo Products and I don't know what else I have...can you tell I'm pretty novice at all of this? (LOL) So please be simple in your instructions to this ol' gal.


ANy help anyone can give me is appreciated and I will thank you in advance.



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Re: Router and Wpa help
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2009, 02:22:25 am »

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is to shut down your router and see which one disappears from the list.  :smileywink:


Then you put it back on and go to the router's web interface with your browser according the router's instructions. There is the option to secure the connection. Just follow the user's guide closely. :smileyhappy:


You might first have to reset the router before you reach it with your browser. 


Edit: And there's a difference between the name of the connection and the name of the wlan. The name of the connection can be anything you give in your pc's network list, but the name of the wlan is normally the SSID-value given in the configuration phase. If you haven't changed it, yours is probably the 'Linksys'.... 

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