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I was able to setup a bridge between a Thomson TG787 (connected to WAN) and a WHR-G54S using WDS and WEP.

I have internet access on the WHR using a wired connection.

I'm also able to access the gateway webpage (on the TG787) using the wired connection on the WHR.


However I'm not able to do 2 things:

Access the WHR webpage to change or view it's settings after the bridge started to work (I'm using the correct IP address).

Connect any computer wireless to any of the two AP after bridging (already checked encryption settings).


According to the instructions provided by Buffalo, that I follow to setup the bridge, I should be able to do both.


Below is a copy of the instructions.


"The two AirStations are now linked by a wireless bridge. Unplug all the network cables and test the bridge by logging

into each of the access points with a wireless client. You should be able to connect to either of the access points from

Windows Wireless Network connection, getting an IP address assigned to your client with no error messages. You should

also be able to log into both of their Web-Based Configuration Utilities by entering their IP addresses into a web browser

( for the main access point; for the bridged access point). If the first AirStation is connected

to the internet, you should be able to connect to the second AirStation and surf the web."






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Re: WHR-G54S
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Verify the IP of the bridge with the dhcp server.  It probably changed after the set up was complete.

once you can log in make sure you do not have the privacy separator enabled.